About Us

Hi! I am Mary Kate, the founder of Noble Endurance. Noble Endurance is a privately owned company based in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Like you, I am committed to a healthy lifestyle and enjoy training, racing, and supporting every athlete attempting to reach their fitness goals. I believe the best part of training and racing is the sense of community formed during the training process. I hope that Noble Endurance fosters that same sense of community! We love meeting new people and are excited to support you in your journey! 

Mary Kate Noble

Mary Kate grew up in Delaware County (Delco!), Pennsylvania. She played a variety of sports and was okayish at them. After graduating from Penn State with a degree in Marketing, Mary Kate worked for a few companies. Eventually she moved to Texas with her husband Brandon and started a family. After moving around the country, the Noble Family settled in Chester County, Pennsylvania. This is where Mary Kate decided to bring her okayish athletic skills to the sport of triathlon. With basically no experience in running or cycling, she started with a sprint distance triathlon. A few years into it she had done many triathlons including 7 Ironman races. Mary Kate believes getting to the finish line starts with a great mindset. She loves to see all shapes and sizes from all walks of life come together and support each other at these races.

Mary Kate has had to come back from injury/illness a few times so she knows how intimidating it is to start/ start over. She encourages everyone who might be putting off their journey to start back as soon as possible and to just take it day by day. At the age of 41 Mary Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer so she appreciates each day and never takes what she has for granted.