Train Without Interruption

Keep your essentials organized while keeping your bike dry with the Noble Endurance Training Towel. For stationary bikes, spin bikes, and cycle classes.

endurance training towel on spin bike

Unmatched Versatility

The Endurance Training Towel can be used on many types of spin bikes and road, triathlon, and mountain bikes utilizing the trainer.

woman using endurance training towel on spin bike

Focus On Your Workouts

Designed to keep your necessities in reach to help you train without interruption. Hold water bottles, phones, baby, monitors, remotes, name it.

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Train Anywhere

Train at home or at the gym with the most functional towel around. Pockets fit on all indoor cycling bikes to keep all riding necessities within reach.

Sweat Protection

Enjoy next level sweat and spill protection. After your ride, just place your micro fiber towel in the washing machine and get ready for your next workout.

  • Convenient Storage

    Available in four or six pockets

  • Sweat Absorption

    Two layers of soft microfiber

  • Non-Slip Grip

    Silicone dots prevent slippage

  • Machine Washable

    Easy clean up after your workout

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Women-Owned Business

Developed by the Noble Endurance founder, an age group triathlete in Pennsylvania. Like you, we are committed to a healthy lifestyle and enjoy training, racing, and supporting every athlete attempting to reach their fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Endurance Training Towel be used outdoors?

We advise only using the towel on stationary bikes. The towel should be kept clear of any moving parts, like the wheel. If your spin bike, or bike on a trainer is placed outdoors, then you can certainly use the towel. Do NOT utilize the towel for any bike that is not stationary.

How do you wash the towel?

We recommend that you machine wash the Endurance Training towel in a cold cycle without fabric softener, and hang to dry.

How do I use the towel?

Most bike setups will allow you to simply place the towel over the handlebars with the pockets on the sides of the bike.

What can be placed in the pockets?

The Endurance Training Towel was designed to accommodate most small to midsize items you might need during an indoor ride. The towel comes in a 4 pocket and a 6 pocket depending on your storage needs. The items that the towel can hold include:

-Water bottles



-Remote controls